About us


  Mibasies, Specializes in kids' products among age 3 to 10, especially in purses, crossbody bags, handbags, accessories, schoolbags(book bags, backpacks), lunch bags(lunch boxes), pencil case(pencil pouches) and others. Keeping up with fashion, Mibasies not only provides tons of stylish bags for angles but also is strict on the material we use. We have published unicorn series, rainbow series heart-shaped series and classic series, which are very popular among little girls around the world.

    We insist on that kids should be brave to imagine, to dream, to believe and to be curious always. We address ourselves to making a colorful childhood for every kid around the world, whatever color they are, whatever race they are. Now we are ready to fly, always trust and always hope like an innocent child.


🟣Our story

Mibases, founded in 2014, which means that my baby is essential, is a specialist in kids' products, especially in purse, accessories, school sets and others. Our co-founder Mr. Kinta, who's already two kids' father, concerns about the safety of kids' products and then he decided to set up a brand that could relieve every parents' anxiety about their angels’ health and safety. By now our team has developed from 3 to more than 20 group members, our firm already has several stable suppliers and warehouses. All of these provide a powerful backing for our business. We value every member in our company and create a better work environment for them. What should be pointed out is that we got an excellent grade among peers' brands on Amazon. Now we have warehouses in China and USA.

    We made a great success, and we still keep moving forward and further.

🟠Our mission

Imagine, Dream, Believe, and Always. These four key words lead us exploring more colorful but high-quality products for kids. Every kid matters, kids deserve a colorful childhood. On 2020, our primary goal is to let more and more customers know about our dream, our story and our team.


🟢Business Corporation

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